GPS Tracking



Utilizing the latest and working with the experts we are bringing GPS tracking to Hong Kong and Asia. With the explosion of trail, ultra and adventure races in this part of the world comes increase awareness of the dangers but also the level of support required.

Tracking adds a level of safety and comfort when in the outdoors for long period of time. Our GPS trackers have been used in over 1,000 events worldwide and can be used for a variety of solutions:

  • Trail & Ultra Races (single or multi stage)

  • Adventure Races

  • Near Shore Sailing

  • Solo Adventures

  • Award for Young People (Duke of Edinburgh)

In addition for races, they can add an element of excitement and awareness for sponsors. Live tracking provides live feedback of how the event is unfolding and with increased excitement comes increased brand awareness.

Every time our trackers are in use the page can be be branded for a specific sponsor, generating direct awareness of the sponsors brand but also click-through.

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#DotWatching is endurance events


90g and slightly larger than a matchbox