Our Vision

Cool [as] Mustard:

Cool: /kuːl/

Adjective:  The expression "cool" is very relaxed, never goes out of style and is an image others look up to and admire. 'Man, that dude looked so cool, he's got great style.' 

Mustard: /ˈmʌstəd/

Adjective: Calling something 'mustard' means it is good. 'That event was mustard'.

Noun. A spice crushed and blended to add flavour, character and colour to the ordinary. 

Cool [as] Mustard

The vision: A mixed idiom (Cool as a Cucumber // Keen as Mustard) coined by our founder that perfectly combines great style, innovative ideas and the strong desire to deliver the best experience. We cut the mustard. 


Who are we?

Cool [as] Mustard has a proven track record of more than 10 years in event management experience and implementing new technologies for events/venues. We've partnered with select companies to be able to deliver novel concepts and fresh ideas .

We are environmentally conscious working with our partners to deliver events that provide fantastic experiences without sacrificing the environment.  

We've done it all, seen it all and at Cool [as] Mustard we bring it all together.  

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