Mustard Events


Mustard Events. 

The customer experience is at the heart of every event we deliver. We start with the end experience and work backwards to ensure it's execution. We are a boutique events company that stages innovative and engaging events from Hong Kong. 

In addition to staging our own events we provide unique services to other events in Hong Kong, from consultation, through to on ground assistance to providing a single service to elevate the event.

Our event services include but are not limited to:

  • On ground event delivery

  • Event Consultation

  • Sponsorship

  • Event Technology Provider

  • Environmentally friendly products

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Events are what we do

Our Office

590 Queens Road West
Hong Kong

Our Clients.


Upcoming Events:

  • Ginsanity: June

    Hong Kong’s First Gin & Tonic Festival

    More than 45 different gin distilleries, plenty of tonic variations and live entertainment //

  • Lenser trails in Motion film festival: October 5

    The largest trail running film festival

    Tickets here

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