Cut the Mustard. Tomorrow is now

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Cool [as] Mustard are:

In partnership with the most innovative, fresh and exciting companies to deliver uniquely crafted experiences.   


Cool [as] mustard started

out of a love for events. With a decade of event experience Cool [as] Mustard began with the desire to introduce new experiences, develop new technology and introduce new environmentally conscious products to create a better world.

To do this we work with the best. Our partners are global leaders in their field - from cashless experiences to companies eliminating single use plastics with fully recyclable and biodegradable products. Who doesn't want to work with the best?

Together we cut the mustard.


Mustard Events

Experiences are the new currency and we're forever thinking up new and exciting event experiences to bring to market. Our team understand what it takes to make great events launching our new ‘Sanity Event Series’.

Mustard Events → 


Mustard Cashless

Any event that has cash transactions needs to go cashless. A cashless event not only increases spending but it is safer, reduces loss and a lot more fun to use. Not only that but your event partners will have touch point on every single guest

How to go cashless → 



Endurance events and efforts are often played out in remote locations with little to no awareness of these feats. DotTrack.Asia is bringing tracking to all Asian events giving a voice to those feats.

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cool [as] mustard are:

Dedicated to delivery.

We've been delivering events for over a decade - it's who we are - when done right events leave an ever lasting impression. Everyone remembers that one event and here that's our ultimate goal; to ensure the event was cool as mustard. 

This attention to the experience is what lead us to create Cool [as] Mustard - 100% geared towards providing the best event experiences

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cool [as] mustard delivers when

Innovation Works Together

When cash is removed spending is increased by 22%, the industry standard of 5% loss through cash handling is removed and the customer experience is increased tenfold. 

We've partnered with tappit, a Manchester City Partner, to be able to provide you event or venue with all the resources to run a cashless experience. 


cool [as] mustard source:

Only the best 


We know there is too much waste in the world, that most of it is plastic and it will eventually end up in our oceans. We also know that events are particularly bad at creating waste. So we went on the search for a better products to use at our events. 

We’re starting by eliminating single use plastic cups at all our events and have set up partnerships to use sustainable products. Got an environmentally friendly product - we want to work with you! 


Cool [as] Mustard brings:

Live Tracking

Utilizing the latest technology and working with the experts Dot Track Asia provides live GPS Tracking tracking to Hong Kong and Asia. Live tracking adds excitement and a safety blanket to otherwise very isolated sports.

In addition, excitement is generated by #dotwatching, a highly addictive past time, adding a value to partners / sponsors of events that otherwise wouldn’t receive awareness.